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Skoda Karoq Plastic Boot Dish

Skoda Karoq Plastic Boot Dish


The ŠKODA KAROQ's generously sized luggage compartment makes it possible to transport a wide variety of objects. Designed to protect the luggage compartment against getting damp and dirty, this unique plasticboot dish is the perfect solution for trouble-free transportation ofyour loads.

The high side walls prevent spilling of liquidsand their consequent penetration to the vehicle's floor. Made of high-quality thermoplastics, the dish is solid and resistant, including resistance to chemicals. To increase its practicality, the dish can be fitted with aluminium partitions to split its area into multiple segments and thus prevent undesired movement of transported objects.

Perfectly copying the shape of the boot, the plastic dish does not need to be fixed in place, and it can be taken out easily and safely (without messing up the boot) and then cleaned using ordinary plastic-friendly detergents. The plastic dishis an indispensable tool in transporting any objects, as it increases the user's comfort in organising the transported load, prevents damageto the load and, last but not least, protects the boot against soling. Weare sure you too will appreciate the long list of benefits offered by this practical accessory.

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