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KAROQ Dog Guard (VarioFlex)

KAROQ Dog Guard (VarioFlex)


The ŠKODA KAROQ is generously sized luggage compartment makes it possible to transport large objects. To make such transports safe, the trunk grille is located right behind the rear seat headrests.The grille perfectly prevents undesired movement of unfastened objects into the passenger compartment, including in sudden driving direction changes.

With this grille in place, the user can fill the luggage compartment up to the ceiling without worrying that (when braking or cornering) the load might fall on the rear-seat passengers. Moreover, you will appreciate the benefits of this fixed partition grille when transporting animals, particularly dogs - the grille prevents them from entering the passenger compartment.

The grille features a fine black paint( applied using powder coating technology) for perfect coverage. With its simple yet sufficiently solid design, the grille does not obstruct the driverïs rear vision and does not reduce the luggage compartment volume.

All these factors contribute to the car occupants' well-being while increasing traffic safety. The trunk grille has been put to stringent load-and-strain tests in both laboratory and road conditions, and has met all of the strict luggage penetration test criteria devised to check the guaranteed levels of car occupant protection against injuries caused by movement of unfastened objects. Preventing undesired movement ofobjects and thus protecting the car occupants against injuries, the trunk grille is an indispensable tool for transportation of high-dimensional loads. We are sure you too will appreciate the long list of benefits offered by this practical accessory.

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