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Rapid Spaceback Protection Pack

Rapid Spaceback Protection Pack


Front Mudflaps - The front mud flaps are another of the practical extras that increase the utility of the vehicle. They protect the lower areas of the vehicle body from dirt and damage caused by stones and debris striking them. Mud flaps are useful especially in winter, when the corrosive salt that is spread on the roads generally sticks to the mud flaps rather than to the vehicle body.

Their geometry is tailored perfectly to that of the wheel arches to avoid incurring any aerodynamic losses. The mud flaps are manufactured from high-quality, flexible material that retains its shape between -50 °C and +50 °C. They are resistant to chemicals (road salt, oil and fuel) and can also withstand UV radiation. And because they are easy to attach to the wheel-arch linings, there is no need for modifications to the bodywork, which means that the corrosion protection remains intact.

Rear Mudflaps - Mud flaps effectively protect the underbody and bumpers against excessive dirt. Moreover, the danger from road chippings and spray is reduced enormously

Textile Floor Mats - The front mats are secured to the floor of the vehicle using plastic fixing elements which are fitted onto studs. This means that, in any driving situation, the mats remain in the correct position.

The mats trap any dirt and moisture, and are non-slip. They can be taken out at any time, and can be easily cleaned thanks to their superior quality and the density of the fabric.

Rubber Boot liner - Rubber insert for the boot will prepare you for anything. Whether you transport dirty sport equipment, construction material, paint, or even acid, it will reliably protect your boot. The 5 cm rim will keep all fluids inside. The material has a washable and anti-slip surface.

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