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KODIAQ 5 Seater Rubber Protection Pack without Spare Wheel

KODIAQ 5 Seater Rubber Protection Pack without Spare Wheel


Front Mudflaps -  The front mud flaps increase the utility of the vehicle. They protect the lower areas of the vehicle body from dirt and damage caused by stones and debris striking them. Mud flaps are useful especially in winter, when the corrosive salt that is spread on the roads generally sticks to the mud flaps rather than to the vehicle body.

The mud flaps are manufactured from high-quality, plastic material that retains its shape between -50 °C and +50 °C. They are resistant to chemicals (road salt, oil and fuel) and can also withstand UV radiation. And because they are easy to attach to the wheel arches, there is no need for modifications to the bodywork, which means that the corrosion protection remains intact.

Rear Mudflaps - Boasting excellent driving properties in any terrain, ŠKODA's brand new compact SUV, the KAROQ, calls for exciting off-road experiences. Designed to maintain your car's elegant look, these rear mud flaps are robust and resistant enough to protect the car's rear against soling and its anti-corrosion paint layer against gravel flying off the wheels, while keeping water from splashing around and reducing the risk of damaging vehicles behind you. You will reap the benefits in summertime when they trap dust on the road, as well as in wintertime when they reduce the quantity of aggressive road salt landing on the bottom parts of the vehicle. The mudflaps are made of high-quality flexible plastic whose shape stability is guaranteed between -50°C and +50°C. Moreover, they are resistant to UV radiation and chemicals such as fuels, oils, road salt, etc. Perfectly moudling the shape of the wheel, the flaps do not affect the vehicle's aerodynamic attributes. Simple installation to the wheel arches,  no matter where you go, the rear mud flaps will help you keep your car clean, safe and minimise damage.


Double Sides Rubber Boot Mat - The best product in the ŠKODA Original Accessories range of boot mats is without doubt the double-sided boot mat, a classic example of a multipurpose accessory. The fabric side of the mat protects the luggage compartment from dirt – meaning that clean items can be safely stored. The plastic underside, on the other hand, is perfectly suited for transporting dirty or wet items.

The mat fits perfectly into the luggage compartment, is easy to insert and does not need to be secured. The mat is fitted into the luggage compartment with the most practical side for you facing upwards. The mat can therefore help to keep the luggage compartment clean and pleasant. Furthermore, it prevents transported items and luggage from sliding around


Front and Rear Textile Floor Mats -  When furnishing a home, our ambition is to create an environment we feel good in and we like returning to, so why give up our demands when buying a car? Make the interior of your car as cosy as your house or flat. Made of high-quality materials, the elegant mats enhance the driver and passenger comfort.

Featuring an anti-slip finish on the back side, these mats are also a practical and, in many cases, an indispensable accessory to any car. They trap impuritiesand humidity while protecting the floor, and when they get dirty, they can be easily taken out and cleaned. Moreover, their unique shape perfectly fills the space under the car occupant's feet.

Among other tests, these textile mats undergo a series of tests to simulate the impact the driver's shoe heel has on the mat when their foot rests on the accelerator pedal. Stringent material-strain tests and long-term roadtests have proven the mat's high resistance to mechanical strain. Themat's high resistance is the result of polypropylene and polyamide fibresin the fabric. Design the interior of your car in line with your personal style.

 Front And Rear Rubber Floor Mats - Made from high-quality TPE material, they are perfect for the job. Thanks to their custom-fit shape, the mats perfectly cover the footwell floor. They trap any dirt and moisture, are non-slip and easy to wash. The key benefit of these mats is the raised edge which is able to trap any moisture and dirt. The mats can be taken out and cleaned at any time, using a commercially available cleaning agent, if required.

The mats are secured to the floor of the vehicle using reinforced eyelets which are fitted onto studs. This means that, in any driving situation, the mats remain in the correct position.

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